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Will Augmentation Affect Surfing?

It is fair to say that both augmentation and surfing have increased in popularity lately. Improvements have been made in both medical tech and the production of surfboards. Women might choose to attain breast implants for a wide variety of reasons. However, they may also be put off by the idea of it negatively impacting […]

Contracts In Professional Surfing

Surfing is an incredibly popular hobby that appeals to people with a wide range of skill levels. Those who manage to excel at the sport could have the chance to go pro. This is a great way for them to make money doing something that they love. However, it is also important that they understand […]

Surf Plants Love Waves Too

Are you searching for the perfect wave? If so, you’re in good company with plants and sea life, which grow in or near the water. As the sunlight hits the beach, it highlights the rush of avid surfers who feel the rush of an incoming wave. Nestled around the beach landscape, plants and other marine […]

How to Participate in Safe Surfing

Surfing is one of the popular sports that most people love for leisure. Beginners will be excited to engage in this activity for the first time and need guidance. Unlike other outdoor pursuits, surfing is a thrilling sport but may be dangerous if someone lacks basic skills. It is necessary to play safely while surfing […]

Video Taping Your Surfing Experiences

There is nothing better than being able to tell others about the great day you had surfing. However, you could step this up a notch by making some videos of your surfing experiences. Making a Great Video No doubt if you are going to video record your surfing activities you want to make a good […]

Amazing Surfing Techniques for Starters

After innumerable wave riding hours and several trials, you can become an advanced surfing expert. Regardless of your experience, trying new techniques to boost your surfing experience is healthy. However, you must be efficient in paddling, selecting the ideal wave, speed pumping, accurate aerial ramping before classifying yourself as an experienced surfer. Below are techniques […]



Surfers charge RARE wave GOING OFF on first winter swell

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