It is fair to say that both augmentation and surfing have increased in popularity lately. Improvements have been made in both medical tech and the production of surfboards. Women might choose to attain breast implants for a wide variety of reasons. However, they may also be put off by the idea of it negatively impacting their ability to wide waves.

There has been a recent push for greater diversity within the world of surfing. This includes women who are older than most pros. Some newcomers to the sport might already have implants. If the product is inferior and vulnerable it may need to be replaced. More modern ones come with less risk.

Surfers should consider Motiva anatomical breast implants if they want the finished product to look as realistic as possible. They have a teardrop shape which ingeniously replicates the genuine article. Implant displacement is minimised by suturing. This will be important for surfers who worry that getting knocked by a wave will damage the augmentation results. They are also rotation resistant and soft on the surface. Surfers should refrain from getting back in the water until they have fully healed from the surgery. Luckily, recovery times are swift.