After innumerable wave riding hours and several trials, you can become an advanced surfing expert. Regardless of your experience, trying new techniques to boost your surfing experience is healthy. However, you must be efficient in paddling, selecting the ideal wave, speed pumping, accurate aerial ramping before classifying yourself as an experienced surfer.

Below are techniques that can assist new surfing enthusiasts in becoming great experts.

Discover How to Choose the Ideal Wave

All waves in the ocean or your chosen surfing destination are not similar. Some are bigger for you, while others offer a better surfing environment for a learner. How will you know it’s the right time to surf and the wave is cool for you to learn? If the wave is appearing from the horizon, watch out for its highest section. Only surf when the wave lines are levelled.

Keep Your Eye on the Target

Your eyes should act as your steering wheel when surfing. You should maintain the look at where you have targeted to go without looking sideways. With a target on your eyes, you’ll not be distracted when surfing hence arriving at the desired position fast and smoothly.

Maintain Your Gravity

Maintaining your stability when surfing is cumbersome. However, by ensuring your knees are bent, you can maintain your center of gravity. Also, keeping a low center of gravity helps in increasing your surfing speeds.

Paddle With Your Fingers Almost Closed

For a successful paddling experience, you must have enough strength and powerful lungs. How do you do that? Hold the paddle firmly and keep the fingers nearly-closed to exert energy. Besides, no power will be wasted, enabling you to paddle for a long time.

Adjust Your Feet

When surfing, you must stretch your feet once in a while. Keeping them in a static position may endanger your life and are a clear indicator that all is not well. Whenever you’re attacking a wave lip, move the back foot a few inches to the surfboard tail to enable fast turning.

Surfing is an enjoyable sport when appropriately learned. However, understanding the process before indulging in it is crucial for a safe surfing experience.