With age, surfboards are likely to turn yellow. Numerous factors can cause discoloration, but the main one is UV radiation. When a surfboard is exposed to sunlight for long, resins are likely to yellow. The discoloration is more visible on white-colored surfboards and fiberglass boards than others. Here are ways you can help prevent yellowing

Preventative Care

Exposing your surfboard to long sessions in the sun and taking them on road trips when they are strapped on the roof of your car can accelerate the yellowing process. You can prevent this by getting a surfboard travel bag.

There are many benefits attached to a surfboard bag when it comes to the maintenance of your surfboard. They have heat reflective technologies that protect your board against too much heat, which is a catalyst for discoloration.

Damage Control

It’s important to rinse your board off with fresh water as saltwater can breakdown the foam core during direct exposure speeding up the yellowing. Repair dings to limit the high amounts of radiation to enter and discolor the foam.

Epoxy and polyester resins don’t change color quickly as they are UV filter stabilizers or additives that aid minimize these changes