If you are planning to go surfing, choosing the right surfboard is essential. You don’t want your first surfing experience to be ruined by the wrong surfboard. Discussed below are factors to consider when choosing a surfboard.

Surfboard Type

Surfboards come in different sizes, and shapes. When choosing a surfboard, ensure you pick the type that matches your experience level. For example, Funboard, Foamboard, and Fish board are suitable for beginners, while Shortboards are suitable for experienced surfers. The longer the board, the easy it is to control, and also it has high stability. This makes the longer boards ideal for beginners.


Choose a design that matches your skills level. Consider a surfboard with broad and bulk tails because the tail size determines the stability, speed, and flotation of the surfboard. Also, make sure that the tail is placed at the right angle for maximum speed. The fins also help the surfer control the surfboard when foot steering it. Fins also help in balancing the surfer’s weight.

Surfing Experience (volume)

It is crucial to consider the volume of the board before as it determines the flotation. The volume is determined by the length, width, and thickness of the surfboard. The experienced surfers will need less volume for maximum speed compared to beginners who require more volume to increase the surfboard buoyancy hence more stability. Lightweight surfers require less volume compared to heavyweight surfers.

When choosing a surfboard, the above-discussed guidelines will help you in choosing the best surfboard. Be true to your self and choose the board that matches your experience level. If you buy the wrong surfboard, you will find it hard to maneuver and even stain to gain and maintain stability.