The physical and mental benefits of surfing are well known. Still, there are also several health matters to remember in the surf. Skincare is often overlooked by many surfers, but if products like hydration serum are used regularly, then it can prevent wrinkles and an older look.

Why is Skincare So Important in the Surf?

Surfing is all about the sun, surf and waves. There is a variety of surfwear which can protect people’s skin. However, surfers are still exposed to all kinds of temperatures, and the sun, which can result in sunburn on some parts of the body even with surfwear. Sunburn is a well-known contributor to ageing skin and other health-related issues such as skin cancers. A failure to use skincare products may result in older-looking and saggy skin after prolonged sun exposure for many years.

What Can a Hydration Serum Do for the Surfer’s Skin?

A big problem with surfer’s skin is the loss of moisture from sun exposure as well as dehydration from a long day in the water and under the sun. Hydration serums moisturise the skin and provide hydration to dry and tired skin. It helps the skin repair and results in a smoother and a much more refreshed look.

So the next time that you have that dry and tired look, try some good quality skincare products such as a hydration serum.