You need to clean your surfboard regularly to keep it in good shape and boost its life. Cleaning assists in preventing further damage caused by dings and other lesions to the glassing. It also improves the performance of your surfboard since clean and new wax offers good grip compared to old and dirty wax.

To clean a surfboard, you will need time and cleaning tools and accessories such as towel, warm water wax comb with a sharp end, cloth, hairdryer, surfboard cleaning spray, and coconut oil.

The first step while cleaning your board includes placing it under the sunlight. The sunlight will help soften the old, dirty, and sandy wax. If you’re cleaning on a cloudy day, use a hairdryer to soften the wax. Alternatively, you can pour warm water to soften the dirt.

Next, use a wax comb with the sharp edge to clean the loose dirt. Scrub diagonally to achieve diagonal cuts in the wax, both ways. This draws diamond patterns that make it easier to remove wax as the combs cuts through the surface area. Use the sharp edge of the comb to scrape the wax away. Repeat this process until all the dirty sandy wax is loose.

Use the warm water and a damp cloth to wash off the wax spots left behind. This is because there might be some stubborn dirty wax left. The warm water softens the left dirt. Use the damp cloth to clean and wipe out the dirt.

After ensuring that you’ve scraped away all the visible wax, they still can be wax residuals that you can’t see. You’re using the waxing spray to eliminate that. Give your board an even and thorough coating of the spray. Wait for some time for the spray to soften the invisible wax depending on the instructions given in the product. Then, wipe all the wax residue and the spray. Use a clean towel to thoroughly wipe the spray out since it should not be left on the surfboard.

The final step involves giving a thorough wipe for the whole board with a towel. You can apply a coat of coconut oil to provide additional condition and a glossy, beautiful coat. When completely dry, your surfboard is ready for a coat of wax.