There are various high-performance surfboards in the market. Pro surfers have tested most of these surfboards. You have advanced from using a beginner or even intermediate surfboards at a high-performance surfboard when ready. You can choose one of the three discussed surfboards below.


This high-performance surfboard by Darren Handley Designs will give you an exceptionally thrilling experience due to its speed. It was made to meet the pro surfer Mick Fanning request, and since then, it has been a choice for many surfers due to its high-performance features.

Holy Grail

Made by Haydenshapes, the Holy Grail does wonders in surfing through bigger waves. It has a five fin and a thin tail for super-speed surfing. It has enough volume for stability due to its flat rocker not forgetting its eye-catching finish.


The A2 surfboard by Chilli surfboard has a fine full, smooth curve finish that gives it a high-performance feature. It has a sharp nose with, a kicker tail and moderately curved at the center for maximum speed.

These super performance surfboards are among the best suited for fast surfing. Try them and take your surfing to the next level.