There are various shapes and sizes of surfboards. Choose the right board depending on your skill level to make your surfing fast and thrilling. The board type and shape affects the flotation, speed, maneuverability, and stability when surfing. Discussed below are the common types of surfboards.


Shortboards are high-performance boards which have high speed, power, and easy control. They are suitable for pro surfers, as they move effortlessly in fast and steep waves. These boards’ length ranges from 5-7 feet. Shortboards have a nose rocker, sharp nose, thin nails, and four fins.


Longboards length ranges from 8 to 11 feet. This makes them suitable for beginners as they are more stable, easy to paddle, and ideal for catching short waves. Although termed as a beginner board, most surfers prefer it as it offers a smooth surfing experience.


Funboards are bigger, with their length ranging between 7 to 9 feet. They are similar to Longboards, but Funboards are larger. The Funboard is easy to maneuver compared to Longboard.


Formboard, also known as Softboard, is made of foam with a soft outer finish. These surfboards are very stable and buoyant in water. The velvety finish makes them very safe for the surfer in case of falls. Formboards are made of very durable material, you won’t have to worry about it tearing and wearing out fast. Formboards are suitable boards for beginners and young surfers.


Fish board is similar to the Shortboard only that it is shorter, broader, and flatter. It maneuvers faster in small and medium-sized waves. Due to the wider body, it is suitable for beginners.


The hybrid board is made from a mixture of several design elements. An example of a hybrid is the mixture of the Shortboard and Longboard or the Shortboard and the Fish. This combination is suitable for heavy surfers as the board has both stability and speed features.


Gun board is characterized by a narrow nose and tail. In terms of length, it goes up to 10 feet and it can attain a high speed while surfing. The Gun is more suitable for experienced surfers as it handles high speed and has good control in a fast-moving wave.

These surfboard types are all great for surfing. Choose the surfboard that matches your skill level. There are surfboards suitable for beginners, intermediates, and others for the experienced surfers. Choosing the right surfboard will make your surfing experience memorable.