There are so many surfboard brands– some genuine while others are cheap knockoffs. Discussed below are the best surfboard brands in the market.

Channel Island Surfboards

This brand was founded in 1969 by AL and Terry Merrick. It has since grown to produce high-performance surfboard designs. Channel Island Surfboards meets the standards and needs of the world’s best surfers, beginners, intermediate and all ages. The common types of surfboards produced by Channel Island Surfboards include the Shortboard, Hybrid, Longboard, Mini Gun, Fish, Soft, and Funshape.

Jason Stevenson (JS) Surfboards

Jason Stevenson is not only known for his surfing talent but also his surfboard brand. JS Surfboards are known for their speed and easy-to-control features. He has different types of surfboards like the Longboard, Shortboard among others to cover the needs of different surfers.

T. Patterson Surfboards

Tim Patterson founded the T. Patterson Surfboards in 1980, and since then, the company has been releasing high-performance surfboards. Some of the types of surfboards produced by this brand include the Shortboards and hybrids.

Firewire Surfboards

Firewire Surfboards brand was founded in 1975 by Nev Hyman. The brand has tremendously grown after producing Eco-friendly surfboards. It manufactures various types of surfboards, including Fish, Shortboard, Hybrid, Longboard, Mini Gun, Funshape, and Kiteshape Surfboards.

Lost Surfboards

Matt Biolos founded Lost Surfboards in 1985. Since then, Lost surfboards brand has grown to be a common surfboard choice for many people, including superstar surfers. The most popular surfboard types from this brand include the Shortboards, Fish, Hybrids, and Mini Guns.


Bic started producing windsurfing products in 1979 and later invested in water sports products, including surfboards. It delivers high-end surfboards which are made of durable material and boast an elegant finish. Bic mostly produces form boards which are very stable and easy to maneuver in low to high waves. The BIC brand delivers high-performance surfboards, Eco-friendly both in the manufacturing process and the end product at large.

Hayden Shapes

Hayden Shapes was founded in 1997 by Hayden Cox, and the brand has since grown to produce world-class surfboards. The standard surfboards types from the Hyden Shapes brand include the Shortboards, Fish, and Hybrids

Pyzel Surfboard

Pyzel being family business, Jon’s family, it has grown to be an internationally recognized brand. They produce high-performance surfboards of high-quality materials and are very durable. Not forgetting how they pride themselves with the best brand that is up to customer satisfaction. Shortboards, Gun, and Hybrids are some of the surfboard types they produce.

With these top brands, you will have a lifetime in surfing. All you need to do is to choose the surfboard that suits your needs depending on your skills as well as budget.