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Surfboard’s Important Maintenance Tips

After buying a surfboard, it’s best if you know how well to maintain it. A well-maintained surfboard will serve you better for longer. When using a su

Best Beginner Surfboards

For beginners, it is advisable to choose a surfing board that is big and wide for better stability. The height of the board should be longer than your

Best Surfboards Brands in 2019

There are so many surfboard brands– some genuine while others are cheap knockoffs. Discussed below are the best surfboard brands in the market.

Types of Surfboards

There are various shapes and sizes of surfboards. Choose the right board depending on your skill level to make your surfing fast and thrilling. The bo

When To Wax Your Surfboard

If you have had your surfboard for a while, you know the importance of waxing it regularly. Regular waxing helps preserve the surfboard material. Wax

How To Prevent Surfboard Yellowing

With age, surfboards are likely to turn yellow. Numerous factors can cause discoloration, but the main one is UV radiation. When a surfboard is expose



Surfers charge RARE wave GOING OFF on first winter swell

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