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Surfing Details For 2020 Olympics

Surfing got its breakthrough in 2016 when a unanimous decision was made by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to include it in the Olympic game

Best Way To Clean Your Surfboard

You need to clean your surfboard regularly to keep it in good shape and boost its life. Cleaning assists in preventing further damage caused by dings

High-Performance Surfboards

There are various high-performance surfboards in the market. Pro surfers have tested most of these surfboards. You have advanced from using a beginner

Top Five Reasons Why Gym Tights Are Good for Surfing

A big part of surfing is choosing the right tights. With so many options in the market, it can be hard to get the right tights. As a surfer, you do not want tights that will hinder you from riding the waves. Also, it would be best if you had tights that will keep you […]

A Ride With The Surfing Dog

Your dog can probably roll over on request, but can it surf and detect the triggers of adverse reaction from a patient? If not then Ricochet, a therap

What to Wear While Catching Waves

The ultimate low-impact sport, surfing requires patience, skill, endurance, and focus. It also requires a particular mode of dress, which will allow the surfer to exert him or herself in hot, sunny, salt-water environments. When deciding what to wear for a typical surfing session, two primary factors, namely comfort and warmth, should both be taken […]



Surfers charge RARE wave GOING OFF on first winter swell

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